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- JayzTwoCents

"EVGA's BIOS in my opinion is amongst the simplest, strips out most of the garbage you just don't need or care about, which makes it just the best overclocking experience because of the fact that so much of it handles itself plus it doesn't bore you with the settings you don't need."

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Think Computers

- Think Computers

"The card is just under 202 mm long and is strictly a 2-slot card which means it is going to fit in pretty much any case out there. On top of that EVGA has given it a nice factory overclock up to 1882 MHz (GPU Boost). The cooling system does a great job and is not all that loud either."
The Verge

- The Verge

"That said, these frame rates are still nothing to sneeze at. My four-year-old GTX 1080 couldn’t dream of maxing out Shadow of the Tomb Raider at 1440p at a smooth 78fps or Warzone at 87fps."

- LanOC

"As for the EVGA RTX 3060 XC Black specifically, I am loving the compact dual fan design."

- BabelTechReviews

"The EVGA RTX 3060 Black is impressive as a $329 card that can even power a high-end HMD and its a real step forward toward more widespread VR adoption."


"The EVGA card I tested delivered excellent 1080p performance at high-plus quality settings. For many games it should also excel at 1440p, even without DLSS."
Digital Trends

- Digital Trends

"Best of all, throughout all my testing, the EVGA RTX 3060 remained fairly cool and quiet."
Gaming Trend

- Gaming Trend

"With 12GB of RAM onboard and slightly faster clock speeds, it makes for a great value-priced alternative to the RTX 3060 Ti, and without a great deal of compromise."

- Guru3D

"EVGA has a complete and interesting product here, under the hood things look good in phase and component design."
Hot Hardware

- Hot Hardware

"If you're building a new system for 1080p - 1440p gaming and the target price range falls within your budget, the GeForce RTX 3060 is an excellent choice -- the card offers strong performance in its class, with leading-edge features, and that 12GB frame buffer buys you some breathing room for the future."
Legit Reviews

- Legit Reviews

"The EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Black is easily one that we can recommend. The $329 price point is as low as you’ll see on this series and the performance was outstanding."
Overclockers Club

- Overclockers Club

"Tf you can find the RTX 3060, I believe this will be an excellent choice for PC gamers on a budget."

RTX  3060 12G - Back to top

PC Perspective

- PC Perspective

"The RTX 3060 offers a 41.4% increase over the RTX 2060 in this tough RTX feature test, taking it from 21.89 FPS to a much smoother 30.96 FPS"

EVGA Z590 FTW WIFI - Back to top


MUST HAVE (Recommended!) - TweakTown

"The Z590 FTW is a board for those that love simplicity and industrial design. It offers one of the largest VRM heat sink arrays we have seen and adds to that a large heat sink plate that pulls heat from the chipset and m.2. It offers triple slot spacing for throwing in multiple three-slot cards and an enthusiast-friendly board layout that angles board connections for a cleaner look."

EVGA Z590 DARK - Back to top


Editor's Choice! - TweakTown

"The Z590 Dark shows EVGA's prowess in motherboard design. It's easily the best Intel Z590 platform available today."

Platinum - NikKTech

"For people however who are into overclocking (or people who just want the best) the Z590 DARK by EVGA sits at the top currently[....]"

Hardwareasylem Recommended - Hardwareasylem

"The UEFI layout is quite good and displays exactly what you need to see. This is an important feature given that many manufacturers tend to overcomplicate the interface by trying to show "everything" or do the opposite and hide everything within a complex list of menus"

EVGA Z20 Gaming Keyboard - Back to top


Price Performance Award - Only4Gamers

"We think EVGA has successfully re-entered the gaming keyboard market. The Z20 combines very good build quality with a wide range of features and good practical performance. For us, it is one of the best gaming keyboards in the (upper) mid-range and sometimes offers more than more expensive or equal representatives. If you have the budget and the features appeal to you, you can buy this without hesitation."

Editor's Choice - FunkyKit

"So for a company that has a reputation for focusing on Graphics cards, this keyboard was a pleasant surprise. The keyboard has a solid frame and performs just as you would expect, for something from EVGA. The Optical switches are something I personally like. If you are wanting the most the most accurate switch you can find this is the switch you want."

9/10 - LaserBolt

"Overall, [...] I think the keyboard is a must if you guys are trying to upgrade."
Tech PowerUp

Innovation - Tech PowerUp

"(The ToF sensor) has worked well for me and, combined with the EVGA Unleash software experience, allows for pretty nifty quality of life improvements. The EVGA-only touches here, especially with the innovative TOF feature, make the Z20 a fairly big deal for the company regardless and worth consideration."

9/10 - ThinkComputers

"I’ve been using the EVGA Z20 for the past week and I have to say I do really like it."

- Level1Techs

"The keyboard definitely does feel more responsive than the current USB models, overall EVGA has done a great job here in terms of product quality."

EVGA Z15 Gaming Keyboard - Back to top


Recommended - FunkyKit

"EVGA’s Z15 is the gaming keyboard that I can easily reccommend. the keyboard is loaded with features like RGB, wrist rest, reliable switches, and 4k Hz report rate. This keyboards accuracy is top tier."

EVGA XR1 lite - Back to top


Stream Professor Approved - EposVox

"Best BUDGET Capture Card!"

EVGA X570 DARK - Back to top


MUST HAVE (Recommended!) - TweakTown

"In testing, I was able to get a much higher memory speed when overclocking our Toughram on this board, upwards of 4800MHz; we haven't found a board outside of the Dark that was able to do that with our 5800X. CPU overclocking was slightly better; we typically reach 4.7GHz at 1.29v with a little vdroop when testing boards, and the EVGA actually allowed us 4.8GHz at 1.32v with no droop at all."

- eTeknix

"EVGA have made an AMD motherboard and they have made one of the handiest features within the BIOS that I have ever seen. I have never seen anything like this from ASUS, Gigabyte, MSI, I have never seen this."

EVGA X20 Gaming Mouse - Back to top

Funky Kit

Editor's Choice - Funky Kit

"This is one of the most responsive wireless mice I have used. The lift off is accurate even when you are lifting your mouse to get more real estate out of your mouse pad."

EVGA X17 Gaming Mouse - Back to top


Score 9/10 - ThinkComputers

"I think at the end of the day this mouse has many features you just won’t find on other mice and it is nice to see EVGA sort of stand out from the crowd in that way"
BadSeed Tech

- BadSeed Tech

"It’s loaded with functionality, it is really comfortable and the build quality is excellent and the sensor performance seems to be really solid."

EVGA X15 Mouse - Back to top

Tech PowerUp

Highly Recommended - Tech PowerUp

"Aside from buttons, shape and build too are important factors to consider on an MMO mouse. On that front, the X15 yet again excels: The build is absolutely solid—no creaking, rattle, or anything of the sort, and the entire mouse feels like a tank."

EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G6 Power Supplies - Back to top

Tom's Hardware

- Tom's Hardware

"The SuperNOVA 1000 G6 is among the best PSUs in its class, offering top performance while keeping noise output low."

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti XC - Back to top

Optimum Tech

- Optimum Tech

"At just 202mm in length the EVGA XC 3060 Ti is the smallest 30 series card that you can currently buy, and that does actually unlock some new build opportunities for some small form factor cases."

EVGA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti FTW3 ULTRA - Back to top


Hexus Approved - Hexus

"Performance is fairly close to last generation's RTX 2080 Ti, which means excellence at QHD and more than passable at UHD. Imbued with raytracing smarts and DLSS technology, EVGA does a solid job in a crowded market."

Technik Award - hardwareLUXX

"It is the fastest variant of the GeForce RTX 3060 Ti that we have tested so far."

Editor's Choice - FunkyKit

"The iCX3 cooler is very good, and was able to keep the card underneath the Founders Edition temperatures, reaching a high of 72 degrees (FE was reported at 73), even when pushing the card to MHz limits. The new cooler design comes with a backplate that allows some of the air to pass through."

- PCWorld

"The EVGA FTW3 Ultra is the fastest GeForce RTX 3060 Ti we've tested."

EVGA GeForce 3060 Ti XC GAMING - Back to top

The FPS Review

Silver Award - The FPS Review

"When you add it all together, EVGA is providing a compelling package here and one we are confident recommending."