Everyone knows that the EVGA PowerLink™ does wonders to improve your cable management for your graphics card. But did you know that the EVGA PowerLink™ also stabilizes the power going into your graphics card?

Power Matters

The EVGA PowerLink™ is designed to provide both a more stable power source and reduce ripple and noise, compared to connecting your power supply directly to the graphics card.

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The EVGA PowerLink™ features two solid state capacitors that help to filter/suppress ripple and noise from the power supply.

The EVGA PowerLink™ draws power from two 8-pin PCIe connectors, even if your graphics card only has one PCIe power connector. In doing so, the PowerLink™ balances the power drawn by the graphics card, thereby improve stability.

Reduces voltage variation

The practical impact can be seen in power graphs. We took an EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 and ran Unigine Heaven Benchmark, and you can see the difference:


The 12V line going into graphics card without a PowerLink™ under load rates a Peak-to-Peak voltage of 1,008mV, while the 12V line going into the graphics card with a PowerLink™ is only 728mV. That's nearly a 28% reduction in voltage variation from the external power source!


By reducing the amount of voltage variation from your input source, your graphics card benefits in other ways:

Stable Power

A more stable voltage reduces the wear and tear on graphics card components, which can increase the lifespan of the graphics card.

Revolutionized Cable Management

The EVGA PowerLink™ has another function: to make your PC look even more awesome. This adapter allows you to reroute the power inputs for your graphics card, giving you improved case airflow, a lower profile height, and best of all, cleaner wiring setup. It even supports a unique configuration system allowing you to mix and match power input types to match your EVGA graphics card.



Get yours today

The EVGA PowerLink™ is a great investment to not only improve the way your PC looks, but also protect your graphics card. Click here to see if your graphics card is compatible with the EVGA PowerLink™, and scroll down to buy one now!

EVGA PowerLink™



  • Dramatically improved cable management
  • Supports a variety of different PCIe connections including adjustable spacing
  • Integrated solid state capacitors give you power filtering
  • Easy Installation

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