NVIDIA, the worldwide leader in 3D graphics processing, announces a week-long event that's sure to amaze you. The event features
  • Two-day LAN party with tournaments, fun contests, prizes, charity drive, and free food and drinks (November 7 and 8)
  • World premiere event unveiling NVIDIA’s next-generation PC gaming platform (November 8)
  • Local mini-tournaments and giveaways at retail locations worldwide (November 11 in the US and Canada)
GEFORCE LAN 3 – November 7 and 8
The GeForce LAN is NVIDIA's way of saying "thank you" to its fans, by hosting a two day-long BYOC (Bring Your Own Computer) LAN party with tournaments, contests, tons of free stuff, and more! Attendees will not only be able to play games on PCs featuring the latest NVIDIA technology, but also will be eligible to participate in the following activities:

  • Raffle with big prizes from industry partners
  • Surprise contests with big prizes
  • Case mod competition: Best Original Case and Best in Show
  • Free, custom NVIDIA tee shirts
  • Free pizza and drinks all day
  • Hosted panels and Q&A sessions with NVIDIA and partners
  • Entry into NVIDIA’s world premiere event
  • Charity food drive
Don't miss this event – space is limited! For details, reviews of previous events, and to reserve your spot, visit www.GeForceLAN.com.

Please note that the LAN party event is restricted to age 18 and over only.

15 countries, 24 cities! You can experience first-hand NVIDIA’s next- generation PC gaming platform at a store near you. Compete in head-to-head mini tournaments, win NVIDIA prizes, and talk to NVIDIA representatives.

WORLD PREMIERE – November 8, 11:00 AM
If you can’t make it to the LAN party, you can still come to NVIDIA’s world premiere event for its next-generation PC gaming platform that is sure to redefine reality. This portion of the event is free, but space is extremely limited so RSVP now at www.nvidia.com/WorldPremiere.

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