EVGA Introduces the 7900 GTX!
Designed for Extreme HD Gaming.

The NVIDIA® SLI™-Ready GeForce® 7900 graphics processing unit (GPUs) deliver ultra-realistic gaming experiences and unparalleled image quality at resolutions up to 2560x1600. A 256-bit memory interface and fast GDDR3 memory enable blazing graphics performance with the quality set to max so you don't have to choose between frame rates and image quality.

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7900 GTX:
Guru 3D says:
"The power that EVGA offers is high-quality products versus razor-sharp pricing and in that they succeeded perfectly. The build quality of this product is fantastic and as always it's an honor to have an EVGA product in your PC."

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Neoseeker says:
"There's absolutely no reason why the GeForce 7900 GTX shouldn't be at the top of your list."

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7900 GT Released!
Designed for Extreme HD Gaming.
nV News says:
"Out of the box the EVGA 7900 GT CO SUPERCLOCKED is one very impressive card. This is undoubtedly the fastest mid-range card I have ever tested staying with or bettering the 7800 GTX."

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Motherboards.org says:
"The EVGA 7900GT is in a class by itself. To put that kind of performance on a single-slot card with the Limited Lifetime Warranty and Step-Up program, make this card an excellent."

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Need a break from gaming? All GeForce 7900 GPUs also deliver smooth, high-definition video playback and crisp picture quality thanks to its advanced NVIDIA® PureVideo™ technology. If you are searching for an extreme HD gaming and video experience on the PC, look no further than a GeForce 7900 or 7600 GPU.

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7900 GT:

Introducing the e-GeForce 7600 GT

A new series of top-performing mid-range products offering an outstanding price/performance ratio.

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7600 GT:
Penstar Systems says:
"The 7600 GT simply stomps all over the 6800 GT/GS, and looking at other results around the web it has a huge performance advantage over ATI's X1600 XT as well."

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What is XHD?
Find out all about Extreme HD Gaming!
Is your current PC display inferior to your 4MP digital camera? Is it time to upgrade? If you are wondering whether or not widescreen gaming is for you, then read this article!

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